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Z Sketches

General / 29 September 2020

Been doing speed sketches from spheres in zbrush whenever I have a moment over. I usually do a hand and or foot, but ended up trying to do something more stylized this time. I'm a big fan of Dishonored's character art so tried to work some of that stuff out, with little to no success, but it was fun :D



Late night studying

Work In Progress / 02 July 2020

Spent some time studying in zbrush, slowly getting more comfortable. I made the retopo-base mesh in Blender.

Workout (WIP)

Work In Progress / 11 May 2020

Just some quick modeling practice made on a couple of lunches, just trying to figure out my overall speed. Didn't finish the top piece and I'll likely just bury this scope in some random folder. No texture images, just regular ol' boring procedural materials


Work In Progress / 03 March 2020

I decided to join Rebelways VFX course with as a teacher. I've only dabbled with VFX through UE4 shaders and Houdini particles, but I never really understood the realtime workflow in depth, so I took some time off from my projects to learn a realtime pipeline. Never really used Niagara in UE4 before so this is all very new to me :) Gonna add Dust impulses and trail effects later on.

Sry about the poor quality, didn't have time to polish the compression.

(WIP) Quick composition scene

Work In Progress / 17 February 2020

I threw together a quick blockout composition in blender just to try out some new stuff based on a concept I saw the other day. I only had like 2 hours to spare today so I decided to this instead of more work on the UE4 scene. Changed a few stuff from the concept for easier proportions. It started out as a composition workout but once I started on the shack stuff became a bit more involved so I changed the structures to make it more fun to model in future. Mountain silhouette needs tweaking, it's basically just blocks with displacement on them, tunnel needs tweaking (lowering it for better readability). Sadly I don't know who made the concept (plz, let me know if you find out). I might push this further once I'm done with my UE4 environment. EDIT: Thanks to who found out which studio made it.! Can't wait to play this game in the future, I really loved Inside. 

Concept not done by me (plz, let me know who made it in the comments)

More high poly work for the Environment

Work In Progress / 17 February 2020

Been sick as a dog this entire week so haven't been able to do much on the environment. But I managed to create a few quick and dirty high/mid-polys for the scene during my sunday-afternoon. Scale looks a bit off in the UE4 scene but the actual measures are good, I just need to add some more recognizable props and labels to even out the scales. (The Cycles-render usually don't tell much of the actual scale since I render most of my stuff with a 90 foc-cam and in odd angles, stuff tend to look a bit toy-like, which I like). I'm thinking on changing the faucet to something more European instead to fix some of the scale issues. I'm still holding of bakes and texturing until I'm done with all props. I'll decide what is going to be unique once I'm done with all the props. 

High poly sunday

Work In Progress / 02 February 2020

Managed to whip out a couple of sub-d high polys for the scene, took a couple of hours and still loads of props left.  I'll probably keep doing high polys this week since it's not as demanding as texturing and I just signed in on a new VFX Houdini course. Looking forward to spend some more time with particles again. -- None of the renders are textured as usual, just procedural materials for quick and dirty renders.


Applying Trims

Work In Progress / 13 January 2020

Boxed out some stuff and applied the trims, along with some new textures in designer and mixer, new custom made grass, furniture, a bunch dividers and a railway (all trim-mapped).  I still need make a proper grunge color so I can start get some more variations on the trims.  I also made some zbrush sculpts  for future decals. There some over csized wooden beams in the interior now so I can get a sense of what kind of framework I'm going to need there- I'll replace them with proper assets with proper UV tiling too. The interior door frame looks huge right now since I didn't have time to fix the scaling on the detail maps in the shader.  I'm going to spend some time building unique props, decals, proper exterior doors and a interior plaster texture next week. If I have the time I'll fix the leaf cards on the trees since they're a real eyesore. 



Ocean Shader

Work In Progress / 30 December 2019

Almost finished with  the ocean shader as well. I saw Cowsmanaut put out a video on youtube with a combination of UV distortion and Parallaxing which fit my scene perfectly! Love that guy. 

Now I need to blend it with a transluscency ocean shader with some world position offset, camera distance and a depth fade. Not entirely sure if it'll work with transluscency because of the parallaxing but I'll try it out. 

Trees, Bushes, Shaders and Trims

Work In Progress / 30 December 2019

Took the opportunity to learn more about foliage from Simon Barle's tutorial on Digital, I Learned alot of stuff I hadn't taken too account before, specifically the unique bake setup. Also there were some nifty material functions included I could dissect which had some cool stuff I've never used before. No scanned Geometry in the scene, but some scanned textures for overlays and detail texturing.

I definitely need to make better leaf cards since the silhouette is a bit poor now, but that's a tweak I rather do later since I want to get all the stuff in the scene asap. 

Part from trees and bushes, I applied some of my wood-trimsheet on the panels and finished close to all shaders. The panels are the same sheet I've shown in prior blog-posts, it's a combination of photo textures and Zbrush sculpting. Next week I'll be sure to start fleshing out with more foliage, decals and props so as to get rid of the blockout look. I'll take another stab at the heightmap in houdini since I need some more pathing in the scene.